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JcQt4develop - IDE for Qt4 on linux and windows
Version 0.4 - january 2008

Developped by J.Coron with Qt Open Source Edition version 4.3.3 on Linux and Windows

Description :

JcQt4develop (free software) is a simple IDE for Qt4 Open Source on Linux and Window systems.

The first versions have been developped with Qt4.1.1 Open Source on Windows and MinGW and with Qt4.2.1 Open Source on Linux.

The version 0.4 has been developped with Qt 4.3.3 Open Source Edition on Linux and Windows

It is composed of two principal parts :

It has also commands allowing to launch Qt assistant, Qt Designer, Qt Linguist and to create/update translation files.

Since the 0.2 version the user is allowed to find easily the errors which are indicated in the compiler messages, by double clicking on the error message : focus is given to the source file where the error occurs, and the cursor is placed at the beginning of the line which is signaled in the compiler's message.

Since the 0.3 version the modified files can be saved automatically before compiling if the user has selected this option.

In this version 0.4 the characters' encoding responds to standard ISO 8859-1 for the texts' editors.

Here is a copy of the JcQt4develop-0.1's window :

Linux version

How to obtain JcQt4develop for Linux

Click here to download the file "jcqt4develop.tar.gz" (80 ko).

This file contains :


A computer with Linux and Qt4.x.x installed (see https://www.qt.io).

Compilation and installation

Unpack the tar.gz file and follow the instructions in the README file.

At the end of the install procedure, the following files

are copied in the directory /usr/local/jcqt4develop/
The icon can be used to make a link on the desktop.

Windows version

How to obtain JcQt4develop for Windows

Click here to download the file "setupJcQt4develop.exe" (3635 ko).

This exe file contains all the files which are necessary to use this software.


A computer with Windows, about 8 Mo free on the hard disk.

NOTA : JcQt4develop has been tested and works correctly on Windows ME and Windows XP


Launch setupJcQt4develop.exe and answer the questions. If you accept the licence's terms, the installation will finish correctly.

If you run into problems

Should you run into problems please report them to the author